holy crapballs...

i know, i know, i've been ignoring you lately.

it's not you, it's me.

and this and this.

total time suckers!

i love them both though.

i promise to never leave you that long again.

i have a lot to catch you up with.

until then, here is a little sumpin' sumpin' from last night.

can't believe the talent these girls have.


enjoy my friends.



mcdonald monday

*these chips are amazing.

super nummy with fresh guac.

*bought this purse at the park city outlets.

it's not as bright in person.

and i didn't pay that much for it.

(don't know how long this link will work)

love love love it.

*can't believe i didn't mention that this started 2 weeks ago!
i'm so sorry.
if you can't tell, it's one of my favs.
i think you can watch the first two episodes online.

*watched this movie a few weeks back.
give it 4 out of 5 stars.
loved it and it wasn't as violent as i thought it would be.
no skin, decent language, not too shabby.
can't believe how much of a difference hair makes on this guy.
he can go from uber creepy to kinda good looking with just a trim.
something about him reminds me a bit of the wolf from NeverEnding Story,
hence the "kinda good looking" instead of "hot" status.



mcdonald monday

*spent the night here on saturday.

it was very nice and cozy, but not in a small and humble kind of way.

had an awesome fireplace in our room,

which is probably a little more sweet when it's not 100 degrees outside.

bed was super comfy and i totally recommend staying there.

*FINALLY went and saw this.

will do an entire movie review post tomorrow.

yes, it was that good.

*ate sunday brunch here.

it was sooooo good.

i place it right up next to this brunch.

lots of variety and i totally ate way too much.

sat out of the deck,

in the sunshine,

completely surrounded by nature,

and even had a live trio singing mellow music.

haven't been that relaxed in a long time.

*went here for the first time.

rode this and then the coaster (sorry, no link for the coaster).

was going to ride this, but it shut down for "maintenance" for 30 minutes

and we didn't want to wait.

coaster was wicked cool and almost went too fast :)

*went outlet shopping and bought myself these pants.

(mine are a "city fit" which means they fit like these).

they are amazing on.

i decided i needed to wear something other than jeans this fall.



mcdonald monday

*watched this movie with the hubs.
i really liked it.
starting to think i'll like any movie with this guy.
(wait, that's not true, almost any movie...

that whole episode 1 thing ruined it a bit...)

he kicks butt like nobody else.
i'm not a letswatcheveryonekickbutt kinda gal,
but i like watching him do it.
would totally watch it again.
give it 4 out of 5 stars (has to be a.maz.ing. to get 5 stars from me)

*excited to go shopping in pc this weekend.

if you need to get your money spending grove on right now,

and have some pics you need to get off the computer and on the walls,

this, this (50% off entire site using 50percent code)

and this (50% off 8x10 using summerphotos code) are killer online sales.

check it out.

some of them only last through today.

*going to try this recipe today.

love me some 'nana bread

and for some reason i love bundt pans as well.
match made in heaven (i hope).

*really been into blog stalking lately.

mostly "house" blogs.

making me want to redo our tv room/kitchen, like, now!

this, this, this, and (some of) this are my favs right now.

i love all of these women's style, decor and

the clean bright look they all have throughout their homes.



mcdonald monday

*watched this movie over the weekend.

thought mr mcconaughy did a great job,

as did the rest of the cast.

pretty predictable.

no big surprises.

i did like the movie despite all that.

give it 3 out of 5 stars.

oh yeah, it is rated r...said the f word, like, 3 times.

but no skin or sex or that much violence/blood.

*these just went on sale.

i need a good winter boot still and these might be it.

love my hunter wellies.

*having a hard time training for the half.

thinking maybe i need some new tunage?

suggestions please?

*this sweet girl was the photog at my bro's wedding on sat.

she did an amazing job!

i haven't actually seen any of the pics yet,

but i know they're going to rock.

thanks again lacy!




*i've had a breakthrough!

remember this (6th mumble down)?

well, not only did i manage to get 2 bday cards out to my sister-in-laws,

who both celebrate tomorrow,

ON TIME, i also got an actual gift sent to my step mom-in-law

which also arrived ON TIME!

that's 3 in 1 week people.

mark it down in the records yo.

tweet. tweet.


mcdonald monday

today is my favorite day of summer because of this.

we have 5 of them in vernal.

pretty sure we're going to hit 'em all up by the end of the day.

wouldn't this be so stinkin' cool to do?
it's too bad i can barely run 3 miles without passing out right now.

finally going to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary
by having an overnighter here in a few weeks.

watched this movie over the weekend.
thought it was okay.
seemed a bit forced and kind of choppy.
did have some funny moments and this guy was fantastic.
give it 2 1/2 stars.
prolly won't watch it again.

got these for my 4 year old.
they are freakin' awesome on.
helps that he is super skinny and a bit wiry.




i know i missed mcdonal monday this week.

i took a holiday break.

i'm making it up to you right now.

click this link, and you'll be taken to groupon.

its a killer deal to the sweet tooth fairy.

i love me some sweet tooth fairy.

and the best part, it doesn't expire until jan 2012.

i can guarantee you mine will be used next time i'm in slc.

tweet. tweet.

and melcome.


*watched this movie last night.

why didn't i hear more about it?

it was really well done.

i wasn't expecting the religious undertone.

totally recommend it.

*finished this book over the weekend.

it's a prequel to the mortal instrument series.

loved it!

however, i'm super annoyed that part two doesn't come out until december!

*last week to see this.

it's turned out to be a really good show.

i'm not just saying that because i'm sleeping with the director either.

you can buy tickets here.

i recommend buying them early if you plan on going thurs, fri or sat.

*got cabbage in my bountiful basket on sat.

i have no idea what to do with it.

i don't really like coleslaw,

but i'm going to try this recipe.

i'll let y'all know how it turns out.

can't be too bad, it has bacon in it.

*speaking of bacon, i found my new favorite way to prepare it.

may not be a big discovery for some, but it was for me.

no mess, no hot oil burns, no babysitting it the whole time it cooks.

i do like to flip it over half way.

just pop it into the oven and 20 minutes later you have perfect bacon.

*if the hubs needs some new church pants,

these bad boys are on sale right now.

please buy him some if he's still rockin' the front pleat khaki.



monster mumblings

*took the kids to the park today for a community sponsored jello slide.

it was supposed to go from 10-2.

we got there just after noon.

they had run out of jello at 11.

instead they used dish soap,

which is awesome when it gets into eyes and mouths,

in case you didn't know.

oh, and the bean decided to remove his swimsuit to be hosed off.

public park. lots of women and children.

one completely naked bean.

one completely horrified mom.

*the clothes i ordered from express for the hubs arrived today.

made him do a fashion show for me.

they all look amazing.

he asked if i would please order more.

i've created a monster.

*was supposed to run 2 miles today and didn't.

guess i'll have to do it tomorrow,

even though it's supposed to be a day off.

when will this get easy again?

*was informed tonight that my eldest wants a bunny.

he promises to "feed it, give it a bath and clean up it's poop with a net.

not like, gramma's real name annette, but the kind you clean up poop with.

so not gramma's name but the thing with a handle."

thanks for the 10 minute clarification bud.

tweet. tweet.